Chai recipe

This Indian-inspired recipe combines black tea , spices, and milk. The savory notes from black pepper and cardamom in this version give it a wonderful aromatic complexity. There are many versions of this tea. This is a good one from Food And Wine magazine.

This would also make lovely gifts.

Just package up the dry ingredients and write out the directions! I wanted to show you the five essential spices that, once procure will help you make a delicious cup of spicy tea. But then I ran into difficulties. Chai is a ubiquitous drink in India. It is made across the country and is drunk both at home and at tiny tea stalls on road sides everywhere.

But for children, moderation is key – I see no harm in my kids having the odd cup of tea. It hasn’t toppled hot chocolate from its No 1 . India grew a large amount of tea in .

Tea the Indian way is rich and milky, deeply coloure steaming hot, flavourful and sweet. Make this soothing spiced Indian drink in the warmth of your own kitchen. Made with Assam tea (black tea ), milk, sugar and spices, chai is adored by many people around the world.

We have collected recipes from around the world to help you . This chai is definitively ginger-forward. Feel free to add a little more maple syrup if you like it on the sweeter side. A real deal chai tea latte with real ingredients. Leave Starbucks behind and make your own!

For me this is the ultimate cuppa. It offers solace and comfort and is invigorating and relaxing all at the same time. In a medium pan, bring the water, all of the spices and the ginger to a boil over medium heat.

Turn off the heat and allow it to steep for minutes. Bring the mixture back to a boil, then add the tea. Stir in the honey and add . Chai tea is a popular drink in India, where this beverage is often made by boiling tea leaves with milk and adding sugar and spices. Try my chai tea recipe !

This aromatic, creamy tea will boost your immunity and warm your insides.

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