Slekten omfatter bare én kjent art, Ge geta fra Sørøst-Asia. Ge or GE may refer to: Contents. Other uses in science and technology. General Electric, or GE , is an American multinaitional conglomerate corporation incorporatit in Schenectady, New York an heidquartert in Fairfiel Connecticut, Unitit States. Den administrative og tekniske kontaktpersonen til et.

Registreringer fortas direkte på andre nivå under.

GE Healthcare er en del av det amerikanske General Electric-konsernet, og omsetter for ca. USD årlig fordelt på ca. MR, CT, PET, SPECT og Ultralydmaskiner, . Georgia (unlimited) or for foreign companies via representation of any local legal person (limited to one domain name per registrant).

Second-level domain names are also available for . Denne siden ble sist redigert 29. Innholdet er tilgjengelig under Creative Commons-lisensen Navngivelse-Del på samme vilkår, men ytterligere betingelser kan gjelde. Se bruksvilkårene for detaljer.

I tillegg er kunstig fremstilt ustabile isotoper kjent, hvorav de . GE Industrial was a division of General Electric. GE Aviation, a subsidiary of General Electric, is headquartered in Evendale, Ohio , outside Cincinnati. GE Aviation is among the top aircraft engine suppliers, and offers engines for the majority of commercial aircraft.

GE Global Research is the research and development division of General Electric. China Technology Center in . John Francis Jack Welch Jr. GE Automation and Controls produce power and cooling products, distributed control systems, remote monitoring and diagnostics, and support services including . Before his appointment as CEO of General Electric, Flannery led the turnaround of GE Healthcare, focusing on core imaging, creating digital platforms and solutions, and expanding its Life Sciences and cell therapy systems businesses. He also launched Sustainable Healthcare Solutions, which develops technology for . Germanium is a chemical element with symbol Ge and atomic number 32.

It is a lustrous, har grayish-white metalloid in the carbon group, chemically similar to its group neighbors tin and silicon. Pure germanium is a semiconductor with an appearance similar to elemental silicon. Like silicon, germanium naturally reacts.

Per government policy towards ethnic minorities, A Ge was recruited at age twelve to attend the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute . The sole customer was the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway, which ordered ten early that year for delivery in July and August. GE Trailer Fleet Services was a wholly owned affiliate of GE Capital, which is a subsidiary of General Electric.

These and 53-foot trailers were primarily used to haul raw materials to factories, and finished goods to distribution centers and retail stores. Bellevue ist eine politische Gemeinde des Kantons Genf in der Schweiz. General Electric Genesis (officially trademarked GENESIS) is a series of passenger diesel locomotives produced by GE Transportation, a subsidiary of General Electric. The Genesis series of locomotives was designed by General .

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