Jello shots in fruit

A recipe for jello shots that will make drinking more enjoyable. Usually its best to model the shot after an already existing drink, or to use plain vodka or light rum with a fruit flavor and using the same type of fruit as a floater. Cooking time is chill time.

Perk up the party with color! If neede trim off end of the fruit with a sharp knife, to make it set flat, being being careful not to puncture through the rind.

The best way to take them from sorority party to classy soiree is to include fresh fruit in the mix. Try using dragonfruit vodka to kick the flavor up a notch. White Wine Sangria Jelly Shots : It only makes sense to turn your favorite summer cocktail into one epic Jell-O shot.

Yeah, fine, they can take a little time to make, but trust me, they are so worth it. Or a Bloody Mary jello shot made in a celery . Fresh fruits are molded with jello inside a half watermelon with your favorite rum or vodka. Vodka is mixed with any fruit flavored gelatin and drunk in a shot glass.

Jello Shot Fruit Wedges are way more fun!

Get Lime Wedge Gelatin Shots Recipe from Food Network. Strawberry Margarita Jell-O Shots The bonko girls will love these! Leaving a small layer of fruit gives your guest a little sweet after-nibble.

But I did prefer the jello shots with the fruit after-nibble. Cut into wedges and pass round. They are not very strong and have a great taste since they are served with jello. Jello shots are made with any kind of alcohol like rum, tequila, vodka, etc. They are also made in different styles and colors with and without whipped cream.

Since most of them have a fruit taste to them, they can also be served . By pouring the jelly into orange peels then letting it set you get super flash jelly shots that look like orange slices! These jelly shots are way fun. Sometimes, you may want to spice things up. Add a piece of fruit to one of the layers, like a small berry, . So technically there is no watermelon in these jello shots.

I love how cute they turned out though. Because they are served in fresh lime . Are you ready for this jelly?

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For example, you can mix a coconut run with a pineapple jello to create a pina colada jello shot. There are several varieties of this recipe but the differences are usually with the fruit and topping used. So I tried it… and I liked!

I decided on orange so I could use their shells as natural cups. I supplemented the fresh-squeezed orange . If you want some extra presentation points, top your shots with a thin slice of fresh peach to nibble on after your shot.

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