Martini extra dry

Lukt: Sammensatt aroma av krydder, litt urter og sitrus. Captured in every drop is the essence of the rare woods , herbs and citrus that make up this secret recipe. Hot Bartender INGREDIENTS: Chill cocktail glass with soda or water. Elegant, delicate and very cool, it is the essential ingredient and the perfect mixer.

Importør, Bacardi Norge AS.

Produktklasse, Vermut – Øvrig sterkvin. Råstoffer, Hvitvin, sukker, naturlige aromatiske ekstrakter. Alkoholprosent, vol. Middels intens duft av kanel, vanilje, urter, krydder og sitrus. Tørr, middels fyldig og middels intens vermut med bløt alkohol og middels lang ettersmak.

Naturally infused with botanicals sourced from a selection of over different herbs from around the world. For many it is the essential ingredient and the perfect mixer.

In the case of a cocktail which is dry to start with, extra – dry means accentuating the spirit in the drink. Its distinct character comes from the raspberry and lemon distillates over a background of orris. A classy drink for any gentleman. Amazon Pantry is a new benefit for Prime members. You now have exclusive access to shop low-priced everyday essentials in everyday sizes.

MARTINI EXTRA DRY L. See reviews Post review. Duty Free allowance: units. Martini Extra Dry l. Unverzichtbar dank des Zusammenspiels seiner Botanicals ist er für den berühmtesten . Aroma, Raspberry, lemon, spices. Quantity in the package, x 1. Buy quality groceries and wine from Waitrose.

Free delivery on every online order. It became an icon, a symbol for those who love to live their life with style. Clear and colorless, very forward aromatic nose, ginger, soft flavor, nice touch of bitterness in the finish.

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