Perfect for meats, brea frying, and candy. Its popularity among celebrity chefs, cooking magazines, top foodies, bloggers and competition BBQ teams has made the . I like to review products that are genuinely useful in the kitchen, but I hate any trace of brand snobbery or implication that you must have some expensive tool in order to cook. Literally thousands are in use everyday around the world.

Thermapen thermometers from ETI. The clever foldaway probe and the simple pocket design .

CPi Watch this awesome video of the family-run Electronic Temperature. Used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Assures perfectly cooked turkey, meat and poultry. Det har en klar, lett å lese skjerm, med en presis avlesing av temperatur over utvalget av-49.

When Chef Thomas Keller recommends a kitchen tool, it is worth paying attention. It retails for $but is worth the investment, he said. Les tester og omtaler før du skal kjøpe på nett.

Specs: Steketermometer, Hvit. But you can use this digital kitchen thermometer for so much more, including heating up oil for deep-frying and checking water temperature for pour-over coffee.

At Sous Chef we have spent ages looking for a high quality, reliable, thermometer. And with the release of the. It takes readings in less than three seconds, is accurate to less than a degree, and is designed to last for ages. It is the thermometer that sent the merry band of obsessives at Cooks Illustrated into paroxysms of joy. They named it one of their seven must-have measuring tools, writing: Forgo guesswork and pinpoint exactly when food is done.

Jeg får alltid gode tilbakemeldinger når jeg skriver om utstyr og det er åpenbart noe som mange ønsker mer innsikt i. Selv har jeg mye forskjellige kjøkkenutstyr som har mange forskjellige bruksområder. Jeg er i utgangspunktet ikke opptatt av merkevarer . Earlier this year, thermometer companies were sending us their cooking thermomters to test. Deep fryers safely measured where competing short probes would expose you to splattering oil. No buttons to confuse you or trap grime. Pacific time on Saturday, December 1 Serious Eats readers can get the Mkfor just . Well-marbled loin cuts from heirloom pork, such as blade end of the loin can be cooked to higher temps (1to 155°F) to help render fat.

Hold it in any direction and the display rotates right-side-up for easy reading. Plus , an intelligent backlight automatically illuminates the display in low-light conditions. The digital display thermometer offers an extremely accurate reading in about three seconds, which is far faster than others on the market. Same Day Delivery Eligible.

Only 2made, get yours before they run out.

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