Water marble nail art

This is the second installment of my water marble nail art tutorial. This video includes strips, flower and spider. Like this nail art design?

Water Marbling Water Marbling Water Marbling ! It was alright but you should used base color probably white or something and you.

Do you know how to do water marble nail art at home? Try these most beautiful water marble nail designs at your home and make your nails more beautiful. Follow our step by step tutorial to learn how to do water marble manicures.

A simple, yet effective way to create amazing nail art ! Two Parts:Preparing the Marbled Water Decorating Your NailCommunity QA. Follow this tutorial to learn how to create some fabulous nail art ! Create a Marble Nail Effect Using Water.

Hold your nail on the pattern. Slowly lower your nail onto the pattern on the water surface. This marbling technique in nail art is done by adding nail polish into a bowl of water and slightly wriggling the colors around . All you need to create these cool nail.

See more ideas about Marble, Marbles and Aqua. This tutorial is making christmas water marble nails. I am using Nabi nail polish. Marble Nail Designs are one of the most popular nail art methods used today, despite the fact that the fantastic look is slightly difficult to master and a bit time consuming. Since you are a nail art enthusiast, you . A heart and flower shaped marble nail art design using white and red polish.

As like other nail art designs, creating your . NAILS Magazine Nail Art Gallery. You can easily cut polish with the point tip an being mad. Water marbling can be difficult without the right tool.

In reality, you can do water marble nail art at home!

Below are easy steps to get you there. Add few drops on your favorite nail paints in lukewarm water one by one. For example I love red and blue color. So I will add one drop of pink nail paint into water and than on top of that another drop of red nail paint.

Repeat this process for fo. All nail vinyls are handmade by the Twinkled T sisters in Los Angeles, CA and Chicago, IL. Directions: Begin by painting your choice of base polish onto your nails. Once thoroughly drie paint a. One of the latest nail art trends, marbling is fast catching momentum.

This article will provide you with some tips about how to water marble your nails. This season, you can experiment with various color combinations that will perfectly . Intricate manis are pretty much the hottest accessory right now as celebs from Anne Hathaway to Rita Ora have stepped out on the red carpet baring enviably designed nails. Everything you need to know about turning your nails into colorful, swirly works of art using this water marble nail art technique.

Marble nails might look complicate but all it takes to get the marble nail art look is water , polish and perfume. So a couple of years ago I produced a video on water marbling that I thought might be quite a popular tutorial. I had no idea that years on it would be so popular that it would have over million views and have been shared all over the world!

Next step in Nail Art – Airbrushing.

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