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Unusual business card sizes and shapes and the attention they attract is almost always worth the extra few . Gå til Dimensions – Dimensions. Aspect ratios range from 1. There is no standard for the business card dimensions. Sharing dimensions with other cards makes storage easier, for example banking cards (8× 5mm) and business cards in Western Europe (× mm) have almost the same size.

Home › Products Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden Design and print US standard size business cards in a range of premium paper stocks. This fits easily in any wallet or cardholder. With several dimensions available, these business cards from Vistaprint have a unique look that sets them apart from standard shapes. Print resources, online guides, and much more! We often get asked this question, and it does vary between different printing companies and even countries!

This size is almost the same as a regular credit or debit card . Find the standard business card dimensions for the USA, Australia and Europe, as well as some useful visual templates to help you along.

Know more about the different standard business card sizes and shape options available. Check out how to setup your graphic design within the bleeds. When it comes to your business card , definitely! Business card sizes in fact vary from country to country. Looking to update your business stationery, and impress new clients at your next networking event?

Are you unsure what is a standard business card size or what business card dimensions you should use? This guide will take you through the standard sizing for business cards by country, and also take a . Overview of business card sizes with measurements in millimeters and inches and paper ratios. Most people and companies can agree on the size of a standard business card. However, when it comes to mini or micro size business cards , it is impossible to identify a standard size.

Using a mini card may set you apart from . Yes, “ sizes and shapes may vary,” but most business cards fit the mold. Follow these specifications to ensure your cards print correctly. The credit card was just the business card juxtaposed to the size of the standard business card , for ease of use in the wallet.

The history of the card depends where you look. The earliest known record stems from China (circa 15th Century), .

From business card templates, layouts and sizes to design best practices and printing suggestions, discover how to make your own business cards unique. Find out why a standard business card size is not the best choice and learn how unique sizes and shapes can help you get more traction with your business cards. Prices of business cards with non-standard size , are calculated by the portion of measure area of standard size (x 54mm). Please note that under no circumstance should refund or reimbursement be . If you set your artwork up correctly, you will be happy with the finished business cards. We have set everything in millimeters because of their ease of explaining.

The above diagram illustrates how you should make your artwork 1mm bigger all the way around to allow for bleed. People who think business cards are boring ignore the versatility of this small piece of paper and the infinite shapes and sizes it can display. If you want to set your business card apart from the hundreds of other cards your prospects are taking home after a networking event or conference, design one with a unique shape. Click Custom Page Size, and then type the business card dimensions in the Custom Page Size dialog .

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