Henry’s collection

Dersom du er interessert så må du melde deg på ett tidspunkt mellom kl 13:og 20:nedenfor for å være sikret plass. Hvis du har valgt et tidspunkt, men ikke kan komme likevel, skift valget ditt til alternativet See you next time! Heisann kjære venner og bekjente! Her vil han mellom 14:- 16:vise frem sin nyeste kolleksjon, samt.

Sam Henry , was an Irish customs officer, pension officer, antiquarian, lecturer, writer, photographer, folklorist, and folk-song collector. He also played the fiddle and the tin whistle.

He is best known for his collection of ballads and songs in Songs of the People, the largest . Henry Collection creates a completely stylish living room. Don was prominent at TU and in the Department of Anthropology and served as chair for years. ARCHITECT JOHN HENRY lives in a warehouse-style home on the edge of town. Vintage watches created by the renowned watch collector DAN HENRY.

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Spyderco Paramilitary 2. Streamlight Microstream. BigiDesign Titanium Pocket Clip – LED. The Sam Henry collection is the inspiration behind a new project from Coleraine Museum. It has received a grant from the Esmee Fairbairn Collections Fund administrated by the Museums Association which will be used to create an interactive travelling exhibition based on his unique library of papers, . COLLECTIONS DATABASE Looking for something specific? Sendes innen 2‑virkedager.

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