Masala chai

There are many versions of this tea. This is a good one from Food And Wine magazine. This would also make lovely gifts. Just package up the dry ingredients and write out the directions! Dette er den tradisjonelle chai , med alle ingrediensene i perfekt harmoni.

Et kraftig og krydret brygg som varmer inn til sjelen.

Chai betyr te og har sin opprinnelse fra det Indiske subkontinentet. Som base i denne originale chaien bruker vi en sterk sort te bl. Masala chai (fra hindi: मसाला चाय masālā chāy, krydderte) er en drikk som stammer fra India. Den blir til ved at man brygger te sammen med aromatiske krydder og urter.

Ordet chai er det allmenne ordet for te i mange deler av verden, men i de vestlige land der det ikke er slik, oppfattes chai mest som et synonym for. Masala chai is a flavoured tea beverage made by brewing black tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs. Originating in the Indian subcontinent, the beverage has gained worldwide popularity, becoming a feature in many coffee and tea houses.

Although traditionally prepared by a decoction of green . Enjoyed by millions in India, masala chai , a spice sweetened black tea mixed with milk, is now popular around the world.

It is sold all over India by chai wallahs , or tea vendors, who pour the tea from big kettles into small cups. Ypperlig med melk som Chai Latte. Authentic Indian style masala tea ! Pretty much the same recipe is used throughout India with the exception of. Masala chai recipe – Indian masala tea is one of the best kinds of chai to enjoy anytime.

Learn to make the most flavorful chai with step by step photos. For me this is the ultimate cuppa. It is what women across India make whenever they have friends coming over for a break or a chat. It offers solace and comfort and is invigorating and relaxing all at the same time. You probably know that the word chai by itself just means tea, and the spiced- up version of tea that has come be known by the word chai here in the U. Snøen har kommet, og med snøen kommer alltid en stor kopp masala chai.

Sånn er det bare, for lukten av disse krydderne er lukten av vinter, jul, kram snø, telys og skjerf. Vi nordmenn har en tendens til å lage smør-på-flesk-ord når vi skal drive med nye ting. Vi sier foreksempel pitabrø selvom pita betyr . The word chai just means tea. And chai is pretty much the Indian national beverage.

Despite what starbucks would . I remember the frequency with which we drank masala chai on trips to India – nursing earthenware cups of sweetly spiced tea while sitting on our rucksacks, waiting for buses. But for children, moderation is key – I see no harm in my kids having the odd cup of tea.

Thus, the East India Company began promoting tea to Indians. At first, the Indians were skeptical, and did not want to abandon their strongly flavored coffee. But eventually someone added strongly flavored spices to a sweet and milky tea and masala chai took off!

The chai is sweet and spicy with a subtle . Our Masala Chai tea blend combines premium Ceylon black tea with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and ginger. Our interpretation tries to stay true to its definition thanks to a warm and inviting fragrance . Each region in which chai is commonly available has its own popular or traditional spice mix. One optional addition to masala chai is fennel seeds.

Add a piece of a lemongrass leaf (called lili cha in Gujarati), while the water is still boiling (before adding milk). This gives a nice flavor to the tea. My first taste of Indian chai was accidental.

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